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We give you the tools you need to accurately count the pedestrians passing by your store – and to see how many of them come inside.


Measure the effectiveness of your window design and the visual attractiveness of your store design, as well as the effect of other marketing campaigns.


Find out what draws people inside – and what doesn’t.





Now you can see how your marketing initiatives affect your visitor count.


Optimise your marketing mix and promotional activities based on customer insights such as visit frequencies and patterns.


Our solutions compare different marketing campaigns and analyse how they affect visitor count and conversion, which lets you see whether your campaigns bring in new customers.





Our Sales Booster Portal is an effective tool for marketing professionals to monitor and measure marketing efficiency, trends and sales performance.


The convenient portal displays customer activity trends and the factors that affect them.


It combines visitor count, sales conversion, marketing activities and external factors (e.g. the weather) to let you truly understand the key sales drivers.






Are you running campaigns and events outside your own premises?


Do you know the reach of your campaign?


Our mobile visitor counter efficiently counts visitors in open areas and measures how long they stay.


Having real-world figures makes it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, which makes repeating successes easier.





Do you know how many of your customers are loyal repeat customers and how often they shop at your store?


How many potential customers leave without buying anything?


Do they visit your stores in different locations?


What is the shopping time at the best-performing stores vs. other stores?


Until now, this information required expensive and labour-intensive customer loyalty programmes.


Our unique technology gives you these valuable insights.

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