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4010 Food Label 


The 4010 EP Food Label is designed specifically for fresh or frozen food packaging.


Certified microwave-safe by industry experts TUV Rheinland, it provides optimal protection without endangering customers or product.


With expensive foods—such as fresh meat—increasingly targeted for theft, the 4010 EP Food Label offers maximum protection.


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Our RF Labels are compatible with Checkpoint, Nedap, Shopguard and all RF Systems.

Our AM Labels are compatible with Sensormatic, Crosspoint, WG and all AM Systems.


If you don not see the tag you are currently using in our selection below, please give us a call. We can normally source different soft tags within a few days. 

2928 EP Micro Tamper Tag


 Micro Tamper Tag is a very small, clear RF EAS label that guarantees enhanced performance protection.


It features a visible circuit with black lock image for strong visual and theft deterrence.


It also has a clear window space that simultaneously protects brand and product information on packaging.


Tamper-resistant adhesive adds to the protection, securing the label permanently to the packaging.


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2410 PST Label
The 2410 Micro EP PST Label is the world’s smallest RF label.
It is ideal for protecting small high-risk items such as cosmetics, consumer packaged goods, and other accessories from theft.
This label is the smallest RF label in the world and maintains a high level of enhanced performance.
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EP Cosmetic Label


Among RF-EAS solutions, this Checkpoint EP label is a natural fit for high-profile, high-risk uncarded items.


Perfect for eye and lip liners, lotions and perfumes, jewelry and small electronics—where ordinary labels would obliterate branding and turn off customers. 


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2933 EP Tamper Tag 


The 2933 EP Tamper Tag label represents a quantum leap in radio-frequency (RF) technology, providing detailers and manufacturers with the highest-performing RF labeling solutions on the market.


This product is small, clear and flexible. It is ideal for health and beauty products that need clear protection with a larger viewing window which complements brand and packaging.


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3210 EP Clear Label


The 3210 EP Clear Label can preserve product branding as they can be placed over barcodes so that important product data can still be viewed and scanned.


This narrow label is perfect for rounded products such as cosmetics, bottles, or any products in the health & beauty category.



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NE400 Standard Label 


Standard Label, manufactured using eco friendly process unlike most labels on the market. 


Size 40mm x40mm


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F 400 Waterproof Label for Grocery Products


Specially made die-cut label for grocery products such as meat and fish packages, spirits, beverages, refrigerated and frozen foods, cheese, etc. that have to be in direct contact with moisture.


Combination of polypropylene and patented Die-cut circuit enabled the label work at high moisturized circumstance.


Size 40mm x40mm


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P400 Weak Adhesive Label for Books


Specially made based on requests from bookstores, a die-cut label with custom repeelable adhesive so that the label can be removed from paper without damage.


 The label is put between pages and customer can remove it after deactivation.


Size 40mm x40mm


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FZ400 Waterproof Label for Frozen Foods


Specially made die-cut label for frozen products which applying temperature is around 0 centigrade  and storage temperature is as low as -40 centigrade


Size 40mm x40mm


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