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Screen Wizard

An application that turns smartphones and tablets into in-store media tools.


  • Turns smartphones and tablets into in-store media tools.

  • Displays images, videos, price, and technical information.

  • Supports a variety of common content formats.

  • Enables custom playlists.

  • Simple drag-and-drop file management.

  • Statistical data mining.

  • Remote management, including the ability to track the status of each device down to the battery life.



















The Screen Wizard application is an on-device media and content management solution that allows retailers to push promotional, pricing, technical and marketing information to the live device on retail displays, allowing the device to draw attention with enticing imagery. Content can even be set to appear on display monitors throughout the store. 

The software allows retailers to customize the content with the use of HD or SD video, images, PowerPoint slides, Flash animation, and PDFs with product specifications, pricing information, and promotional messages. 

Content can be managed remotely through a user-friendly Web interface and can be programmed to appear on a variety of devices and monitors throughout the store or a network of stores. A user-friendly interface enables the app to be operated by anyone without specialized computer training. 

Retailers can also transition between static and animated promotions, and experiment with what works the best. Advertisements can be scheduled and organized according to product, groups of products, brands, and what is available in the store. They can be set based on the time of day or where the store is located, giving retailers flexibility in targeting consumers and generating sales. 

The versatile app is controlled via the Internet, so content on HD screens and kiosks in stores can be controlled remotely or via smartphones and tablets by clerks and managers. The application can also collect statistics on how customers interact with the displays for gauging the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. 

Perhaps the biggest perk, however, is that external hardware is not required. The only components necessary on the customer’s part are the existing phones and tablets. Shopguard will turn these into the primary media content managing hardware.




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