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Count visitors to public buildings


  • Accurately record visitor numbers

  • Improve the visitor experience by allocating more staff at busy times

  • Reduce costs by cutting staff at quiet times

  • Track visitor movements

  • Show current occupancy

  • Monitor queues: see current and historic queue lengths and check the effectiveness of steps taken to reduce queueing times

  • Accurate, reliable, footfall counts using CCTV cameras and intelligent, networked, counting units


People Counters in Libraries


More and more libraries are reaping rewards from installing people counters.


They are using them to save money and increase efficiency. The main reason libraries install people counters in the first place is to prove to funding agencies how many visitors they have.


However, a video counting system soon proves itself cost-effective in many other ways.


Libraries use the data to improve the visitor experience by increasing staff at busy times and reorganising displays that aren't working.


Numbers visiting the library at different times and days are remarkably similar; recording people counts let libraries plan ahead and optimise staff levels.


 The library can see how many people visited yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or every 15 minutes.


Counts can be stored and displayed both locally and remotely, with data being sent over the internet to administration centres.


Systems are 98% accurate: you can verify counts simply by watching the video.

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