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NanoGate - RF & AM

NanoGate® is the industry’s first compact security gate for intra-store protection. Available in both AM and RF versions, it provides security for unprotected zones within your store. This small, attractive antenna activates our 3 Alarm products protecting your merchandise.


  • Easy to install. Mounts directly to door frames and walls
  • Aesthetic design complements every store environment
  • Red flashing LED creates a visual deterrent
  • Audible alarm sounds for 2 minutes if main power is interrupted
  • Plug-n-play – simply plug into an electrical outlet
  • Pressure switch on the back will trigger an audible alarm if NanoGate is bumped and not returned to its original position
  • Compact size – AM NanoGate is 31.25” high and RF NanoGate is 30.5” high
  • Extends the value of Alpha 3 Alarm protection when using CableLoks, Keepers, Hard Tags, Spider Wraps and Bottle Security
  • A stand is available for areas where it can’t be mounted to a hard surface
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