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Count visitors to museums and galleries


  • Count total visitors and visitors to each area or exhibit

  • Monitor current occupancy: which rooms are busiest at the moment?

  • See the length of time people pause at exhibits

  • Find peak visitor times

  • Track visitor movement

  • Record queuing times

  • Accurate, reliable, counts using CCTV cameras and intelligent, networked, counting units.


The real-time counts for each area means that the museum can allocate extra security guards or other staff to that exhibit. Items are more often damaged or stolen in busy rooms with few personnel on duty.


Many museums are funded by governments, and receive their funding according to how many visitors they get. Video people counting gives a true number of visitors, rather than basing the footfall figure on the number of tickets allocated (for example when a bus-load of children get in under one group ticket).


The information collected also enables museums to adapt floor layouts to increase visitor satisfaction and encourage repeat visits.


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