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Compatible with Checkpoint, Nedap, Shopguard and all RF Antenna.


If you don not see the tag you are currently using in our selection below, please give us a call. We can normally source different sizes within a few days. 

Media Keepers - CD,DVD,Games.
Alpha offers the most complete line of Keepers® for media and electronics designed to provide locking protection with great visual display. You can find Keepers to fit your high-theft DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, video games, and much more. Our patented magnetic lock is ultra secure but quick and easy to open at checkout.
  • Provides excellent security with open display of merchandise
  • Allows good visibility of packaging, product information and bar code
  • Re-useable and easy to apply
  • Flashing LED light provides a strong visual deterrent
  • 95 dBA alarm

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