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Compatible with Checkpoint, Nedap, Shopguard and all RF Antenna.


If you don not see the tag you are currently using in our selection below, please give us a call. We can normally source different sizes within a few days. 

Alpha offers the most comprehensive line of Keepers® to fit your health & beauty merchandise. From razors, to drug, to Family Planning and more, you can rely on Alpha’s Keepers to provide the optimal in open display while being securely protected. No matter what you need to protect, there is a Keeper to do the job.
  • Provides excellent security with open display of merchandise
  • Allows the consumer to interface with the product and promotes browsing
  • Keeps the original packaging intact, resulting in fewer merchandise discounts
  • Re-useable with easy application and removal
  • More than 30 sizes to choose from for your high-theft needs
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