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Standby Player – DSA – Digital Signage for Android Platforms



DSA is a new product family leveraging Google’s Services and the Android Software Platform.
DSA comprises a platform independent cloud management service and a Player App.


Standby Player is a specialized application designed for Android phones and tablets.


Standby Player allows centrally controlled content to play on in-store demonstration devices while they are not in use.


By touching the screen, customers can access the device and experience normal device functions. A short time after this interaction ceases the Standby Player automatically resumes its programmed content.


  • Download App from Google Play

  • Install App on device

  • Register device with DSA Service

  • Default playlist downloads and starts

  • Access DSA Service from any browser

  • Upload your pictures and/or videos

  • Create playlists and target at devices

  • Manage 100’s or 1000’s of devices

  • Leverage in-store screens

  • Promote product messages

  • Video or static pictures

  • Create a nationwide channel

  • Cost effective asset use

  • Allow customer access for demo

  • Devices revert to messages

  • Lock out device settings


Management of a large estate of standby players is easy using the DSA Cloud Service.


Players connect using WIFI to the Cloud. Once registered to the Standby Player Cloud Service, players can be centrally monitored and controlled using an intuitive user interface. Users can access the DSA Cloud Service from anywhere using any PC, MAC or Tablet browser – there is no software to install.



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