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Laptop Advisor App

This intelligent information system will bring your laptops to life.


The device on display presents its own most important information (price, power etc.) itself, thus becoming an interactive laptop seller.


The wide range of functions and the interface that has been designed to fit your corporate design will make this product presentation a real experience for the customer


GUIDE 3D - Interactive 3D-Navigation System

The screenFOOD® APP "Guide3D" provides orientation solutions in large buildings and areas.


Guide3D shows visitors the way in a simple, easy to understand and three-dimensional manner.


The system runs platform-independent on multiple devices: on kiosk systems, in the browser, on mobile and even as a printouts


Telecom Advisor App

This innovative telecom app gives your products the ideal presentation platform.


Have your product range visualised and made up specially for your customers.


Comparisons of performance and price will lead your customers to the offer they are looking for in a very short time. You can use this app for all kinds of different products: from mobile phones to razors and electric toothbrushes or even bottles of wine.


Ink Cartridge Advisor App

Have your products found, not searched for.


An easy-to-use interface enables customers to find their cartridges quickly and accurately.


By entering the printer brand the customer will receive a suggestion as to the right cartridge, which will then indicate the exact position of the article suggested on the shelves.


Recipe Advisor App

Hungry when shopping but don't know what to buy?


Give your customers added value in just this situation.


An interactive touchscreen with different recipe ideas that the customer can choose, note and print out directly according to his requirements gives your shop an innovative touch and your customers an “edible benefit”.


Interactive Info Board 

Move with the times - with the screenFOOD® digital info board.


Give your employees and visitors a clearly structured information platform in your own corporate design. The interactive info board is a helpful app for your inhouse information design.


Benefit from being able to inform your employees about the latest topics on a daily basis using an innovative and digital communication platform


Property Finder App


The kiosk application receives data from different property companies.


The design fits your corporate design and can be adapted quickly and easily.


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