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Benefits of Customer Counting 


Of all people counting methods, video people counting is the most accurate.


Many different types of businesses and activities find it useful to count people: bars, shopping centres, museums, libraries, other public buildings, sporting venues, exhibition centres, retail chains, banks, hotels, restaurants and so on.


The people count data lets them make informed decisions about their business.


  • Calculate sales conversion rates and know whether steps to improve them are working.

  • Plan optimum staffing levels: when are more staff needed and when can you cut back?

  • Be alerted when occupancy limits are reached.

  • Discover whether advertising campaigns are working.

  • Compare the performance of shops across a retail chain: the ones with the best sales may not actually be the best performing, they might just have a much higher store traffic.

  • Accurate visitor numbers lets visitor attractions apply for grants with hard data, or shopping centres judge fair rents for premises
























Using sophisticated counting algorithms, in tests our People Counting system achieves over 98% accuracy in all sorts of conditions.


Our software correctly identifies people indoors and outdoors. You can configure each counting area according to the situation: optimising for crowds, compensating for reflections, monitoring queues, ignoring children or setting people to be counted only when they turn left or go straight on for example.

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