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Increase Conversion Ratio


Sales conversion is simply the number of people who make a purchase divided by the number of people who enter the store. If 100 people visit your store and 5 of them buy something, you have a 5% conversion rate


Obviously the first step in calculating sales conversion is to count how many people visit the store in a given time. Or, to put it another way, how many opportunities for a sale you have. Buy integrating people-counts with the point-of-sale (POS) system you can produce sales conversion figures in real-time



Using CCTV cameras and intelligent counting units, our people counting system helps you accurately calculate your sales conversion rate, and take measures to improve it.


  • See sales conversion per quarter hour, hour, day, week, month...

  • Count per department, per store and for the whole retail chain.

  • Integrate people counts alongside real-time sales data and calculate sales conversion figures throughout the day. Some retailers use this data to send staff regularly-updated rolling sales targets calculated on the number of people actually in the store.

  • Use the people count information to accurately schedule more staff at busy periods and increase sales conversion.

  • Measure advertising campaign success by discovering whether the campaign increased store traffic.

  • Track the path people take through the store: if someone cannot find something they cannot buy it. Seeing where people go shows whether your store needs re-organising in order to increase conversion rate.

  • See the length of time people pause at displays and kiosks. If the display doesn't catch their interest: change it.

  • Find how many people leave without buying anything and why: long queueing time, no staff available to convert the sale, poor store layout, etc.



















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