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Occupancy and Capacity Monitoring for Nightclubs and other Venues


Licence holders need accurate counts of the number of people on their premises.


Our CCTV systems achieve 98% accuracy, even in variable or poor lighting.


We let you monitor different areas within the building, as well as the overall occupancy.


Current totals are shown on LED displays and at a central computer. The displays flash to warn staff when capacity limits are approaching.


  • Current occupancy shown locally and remotely

  • Capacity alerts and warnings

  • Historical records aid future planning

  • Queue monitoring

  • See how many people are in each room, on each floor or in the entire building

  • Real-time counts aid licence renewal and compliance with health and safety regulations

  • Networked systems can communicate securely over the internet



Video Occupancy Counting

The system comprises overhead CCTV cameras linked to intelligent people counting units (called Video Turnstile). It identifies and counts people entering and leaving areas. Video Turnstile is designed and manufactured on our premises in the UK: we can thus customise any system to your specifications.

The LED occupancy display shows counts up to 9999. It flashes a warning when capacity limits are approaching, and an alarm should limits be exceeded.

Analyse Previous Counts

As well as real-time counts, records are kept of previous totals. For example, you can see how many people entered and left the venue every hour over the past weeks or months. The historical counts are stored as text, XML or MySQL files so you can use almost any Windows analysis or reporting software to process the data and compile reports. This aids in forecasting numbers for future promotions and special event nights.

Monitor Queues

Our people counting system is not limited to capacity monitoring. You can also use it to monitor queues - inside or out - and determine which areas of the venue are most popular.

Validate Counts

You can be sure that the counts are accurate simply by watching the video - locally or securely over the internet. During configuration, you can stream the video and diagnostic data slowly to accurately calibrate and verify the counts.

Over 98% Accurate whatever the Lighting

The capacity monitoring system is over 98% accurate no matter how bright or dark it is. You can configure each people counter for its location; adjusting for shadows, low light, high ceilings, crowds and other conditions. To ensure accuracy, the system continually monitors background light levels.

Meet Capacity Regulations

Make sure you comply with capacity limits and eliminate overcrowding with a bidirectional, real-time, people counting system.














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