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Automatically Counting Passengers


Automatically count passengers getting on and off a bus, train, tram or other public transit system.


Automated video people counters help operators plan their timetables and routes andjustify any grants they get for running a particular service. The most significant benefit though is the increase in fare revenue produced by cross-checking passenger numbers with issued tickets to increase collected fare revenue.


Our passenger counting systems use CCTV and intelligent people counters to log numbers of people getting on and off at each stop or station.


The passenger counts are stored for individual days of the week and times of the day, for example every hour or half-hour. Once installed, operators save considerably on training and paying people to count passengers on a particular route.


A video counting system is over 98% accurate. Compare this to when people are counting passengers where counts are out by an average of 15%.1. With video counting you can easily verify the automated counts simply by watching the video back and seeing the passenger counts change.


The automated passenger counting system (APC) provides reliable data at a low cost, no matter how busy the service.

An APC system on its own provides valuable information, but when you add vehicle trackingyou can see where a bus or train is as well as how many people are on it.


With a passenger counting system, transport managers gain accurate key performance measures like passengers per mile, cost per passenger and number of passengers per driver.


How the Automated Passenger Counting System Works


The system uses CCTV cameras linked to a  people counter which accurately detects and records entries, exits and waiting times.


Video analytics data is regularly sent back to a central database.


During setup you can watch the video and see exactly what the system is counting thus verifying the counts.


You can also securely log on and remotely control and configure the units from any internet-enabled computer.


Our passenger counting systems are currently providing key data in the UK, Europe and Singapore.


Key benefits include:



  • Obtain information for scheduling and forecasting.


  • Justify grants.


  • Increase collected fare revenue.


  • Save on training and employing people to manually count passengers.


  • 98% Accuracy.


  • Analyse key performance indicators like passengers per mile and cost per passenger.


  • Record times at each stop.


  • Automatically generate reports.


  • Monitor passenger numbers over time.




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