Checkpoint’s world class range of EAS antennas have been designed to meet your product protection, operational and store environment needs.


Our antenna solutions work to deter theft before a potential thief enters your store, detecting stolen items, increasing product availability, improving in-store efficiency and providing the best possible experience for your shoppers.


The EVOLVE iRange G20 has been designed with high-end retailers in mind, such as apparel, accessory boutiques, perfumery, and health & beauty stores. The G20 is a slimmer alternative to the G10 antenna, designed for retailers for which aesthetics are paramount, but space is at a premium.



  • Latest RF Technology

  • Increased Aisle Width and Detection

  • Individual Set Up Options

  • Remote Maintenance

  • Jammer Detection

  • Sleek Plexiglas Design

  • Integrated LED’s

The G30 is part of Checkpoint Systems’ EVOLVE iRange which combines eye pleasing design and data connectivity with seamless management reporting. The antenna can also be fitted with an optional integrated VisiPlus™ people counter unit.


The EVOLVE iRange G30 antenna can fit perfectly into any environment, without impacting your customers. The Plexiglas design and integrated LEDs – which can be set to permanent on or when the antenna is alarmed – is perfect for those retailers who want top design without sacrificing performance.


  • Remote Connectivity

  • Excellent Performance

  • Enhanced Detection Capabilities

  • Optional Visitor Counting

  • Customized Base Covers

  • Jammer Detection

  • Integrated LEDs



The EVOLVE Exclusive S10 is part of Checkpoint Systems’ EVOLVE Exclusive Range which combines maximum detection and reliability with aesthetically pleasing design built to withstand the toughest environments.


The EVOLVE Exclusive S10 is a high-performance EAS antenna that blends seamlessly into your store’s façade, offering discreet, yet highly effective protection against theft. The S10 also benefits from full system connectivity for remote servicing and unified management reporting.



  • Developed for Retailers Where Aesthetics are Paramount

  • Ideal for Stores with Limited Space

  • Mountable onto Virtually Any Entrance or Exit Frame

  • Visitor Counting Integration

  • Supports Smart Alarm Management

  • Remote Connectivity

  • Seamless Management Reporting


The EVOLVE Exclusive E10 antenna takes functionality, flexibility, and cost efficiency to a new level.

The E10 antenna is offered in three different versions, to meet the unique needs of each retailer:


  • RF-only, which can be upgraded to RFID when needs require


  • RFID-only for retailers committed to an RFID architecture


  • Dual-mode RF/RFID to create a seamless bridge from legacy to cutting edge approaches


The E10 comes equipped with high-quality graphics panels integrated into the antenna design, rather than as an add-on capability. The E10 is the first in the industry to support high-quality printed fabrics graphics panels as an integral part of the design, and represents an extremely easy process for applying new graphics to the antenna’s display area.



  • Tracks location and direction of RFID tags

  • Lower false alarms

  • Improved merchandising flexibility near the exit

  • Differentiated alarm for high-value items

  • Patented virtual deactivation technology

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